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Might be my last day using Fiverr as a seller


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It's been a while since I had to wait for two weeks but generally funds clear about around the time (maybe an hour later or so) that I delivered - maybe you delivered a bit late in the day and didn't realise? I think the way Fiverr works is that the full 14x24 hours (plus some) have to go through since it's technically a safety mechanic (whether it really is or not could be debated). 

It's definitely a sticky situation but I think you should have it fairly soon.

( I personally try to avoid counting the money until I actually have it. Systems can be a bit slow, sometimes for example PayPal takes a lot longer than normal. Having a plan that's a bit more flexible has saved me from a lot of headaches!

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I've seen people leave Fiverr for different reasons, most of them made a lot of sense but I'm not sure if I can say the same for you.
Just give it another day, I understand that not getting what you were expecting is frustrating, but Fiverr is an international platform.
Japan is several hours ahead of other countries, I end up waiting an extra day in many cases when I get payment from foreign clients even though
"technically" it is the payment day in Japan.

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