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I can not get new orders yet..


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1 hour ago, almamunx08 said:

There are several ways  of getting new orders as a Level 2 seller on Fiverr:

Promote your gig: Share your gig link on social media and other platforms where your target audience is active. 

Offer discounts or bonuses: Consider offering a discount or bonus to new clients as an incentive to try your services.

Be active and responsive: Be active on the platform by responding to messages and orders in a timely manner.

Keep your gig updated with new skills or services

Reach out to your past clients: Reach out to your past clients and ask if they need any services that you offer, or if they know anyone who might be interested in your services.

I think you will get order again, If you follow these step.

Just wondering that have you implemented these tips for yourself? Since August 2022, you have 3 feedback? 🤔 Better to not advise others like this way if you have not done for yourself too..

22 hours ago, annaisurru said:

Hi, Im level 2 seller, last 4 months I did not get new orders from new clients. How can I get new orders . 

Well you can work with Get Briefs feature then. You have actually competitive niche so it would be better if you work on your gigs..

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well the portfolio you see on that page is part of an option that only certain sellers have. As a new seller you're only able to upload up to 3 Gig images and 1 PDF file where you can include some extra work and some type of a portfolio.


Currently, only Pro, TRS, Rising Talent, and Fiverr Business sellers are able to participate in all categories. Selected sellers will get an invitation. 

Here's more details about the Fiverr Portfolio.

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