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Hi its been a month I created my gig but still I havent got a single order


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I face the same problem when i was a beginner, i am away from fiverr about 3 months & now i am again start working with fiverr after long time… i have still suffered from this problem.

this is my newest gig…


looking for some help from seniors.


Fiverr: Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5


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Hi there,

you don’t have to be discouraged. Three years ago, I saw a Fiverr ad in an article on Mashable (I think) and I just created an account, a gig (which is still alive and doing well) and that was it.

I think I had an order or two in the first couple of months. I never bothered with it. But as time passed, I started to get more and more orders and it was nice to withdraw my first 500 bucks. 🙂

Than I started to consider Fiverr as an alternative to my design/marketing projects (on the Internet I learned it’s never a good thing to put all your eggs in a single basket 🙂 ).

So, be patient. Create a video. Describe your GIG. Deliver (when you’ll start having orders) quality. Be polite. Revise your delivery if the buyer asks it.

That’s all.

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You are offering writing services but your gig description has several glaring errors in it and does not sound like English a native speaker would use. The sample photo you have shows a title that makes no sense in English (at least not to a layperson). You should rewrite your gig description to make sure that it is 100% error-free. If you’re not a native English speaker, you should consider offering another service on Fiverr.

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hmm… I started fiverr 8 months ago too… First 5 months no sales for me… And I was a bit discouraged… but I started getting orders little by little…

and read through the help tips given by others…why don’t you check out the buyer request…

But I have to admit that patience is the key & try to amend your gig and may be show some sample work you have done earlier… 🙂

Hope you’ll get a order soon…


Good Luck


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I am conversion rate optimization expert with a BA degree in advertising. I don´t have any Fiverr.com web data so I don´t know how users behave here, but I will give you some basic tips that I think can help you sell your service.

  1. Make some Gig extras - This creates “order now” button to the end of your page. To be honest, this is where it should be all the time. (I have bought from fivver and I did not even knew that there is an “Order now” button next to the header.

  2. Make up with your unique selling point

    "What I love about Freelancing is that you don’t have to dress up and follow your boss orders. Here I can hone my skills in my area of expertise in one of the greatest sites and prove myself. "

    While freelancing, everyone with 5 bucks and a need for article is your boss. Don´t talk about your boss in a negative way and don´t talk about you getting money from this gig. Write about your unique selling point, why should somebody favor you (not somebody else) and what do they get in return.
  3. Prove your authority

    In gig description you say that you are a professional writer. Your text is not grammatically correct. Secondly, prove your authority. Show or tell us who/what made you a professional. Do you have a degree or experience?

  4. Show your work

    You say you can write 800 word article in 2 days? There are only few lines of text in your gig description and it has been that way for 8 moths! Common, write some quality text for your gig description and add some of your previous work.

    Good luck,

    Kaarel Kõre

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Reply to @daniyal_22: Some errors I can see include:

-“Article’s” should be changed to “Articles” (plural words should not have an apostrophe)

-No space between the comma and the word “interesting” (looks sloppy)

-Random bullet point at the end with no word following it (looks sloppy)

-The phrase “much different” does not make sense and native English speakers would not use that phrase

-There should be some sort of punctuation between “I have written almost 29 articles in the past” and “mostly projects and tasks assigned by my professors” or consider rewriting the sentence into two sentences

If you’re offering writing services and you can’t pick these errors out then that’s going to be a problem. Any serious customer who comes across your gig is not going to feel comfortable enough to pay you to write an article for them. I would also suggest putting up more gigs instead of just focusing on the one gig that no one’s bought yet.

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I have the same problem after completing 10th order and became level one I got 2 orders and I got another 2 orders and both buyers asked refund( They placed orders without reading my gig properly) then I didn’t got a single order for 1 month

Please help

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It will take a while until you will start getting orders (new users are disadvantaged).First thing you could do is to upload a video (use any camera you have available). That helps a lot. And, of course, try to be more patient. Eventually, you’ll get orders.

Good luck!

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