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Fiverr ups and downs


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Last month, i shared my story about anxiety that i got from fiverr after i got deranked, it was really hard to have me derank for about 3 weeks on this lovely platfom that i earn living from it, i had some very dark moments thinking that my source of income will be dead and i may get to 9-5 job that pay way less than what i earn from here, in this period i have been studying the issue, and all i got to understand is that fiverr algorithm is all about buyer satisfaction, if you are not providing the quality that make the buyer happy you are going down, and after getting few order from here and here, i got back on top, i even made 3 times what i can make in 9-5 job the same month i got derank,this month is good too ! in all those fiverr i got deranked many times, got few orders sometimes, but in the end i found my self doing good job and making way more what i can make in 9-5, i also would recommend to have another source of income, that how you can be protective all the time, don t get too confortable, you must learn new skills to stay competitive in the market, i even start my journey on another platform and got 2 clients there(trying to make another source of incom ;)).Overall, fiverr will always stay a great platform for all the good freelancers that can provide high quality service. 
Special thanks to those who helped when i was searching for answers vickiespencerstrategist_ceovickieito

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