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Not getting any order



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@usman_a_mughal  You can choose to listen to @sb_riya which looks to be written by a robot, or you can have the tough love version.

As a logo designer there are nearly 250,000 other freelancers fighting for the same piece of pie as you.  You will not be successful unless you're prepared to stand out from the crowd. 

So you need to ask yourself this.  What are you doing to be truly exceptional and innovative?  If you're the same as everyone else then why would you expect  get sales?

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If you flowed below tips, I believe your gig would be Rank 

  • Use a captivating heading.
  • Gig-specific SEO
  • choose dependable tags
  • Be sure your gig is search engine optimized.
  • In the Gig Media, you may utilize a video.
  • Make Excellent Gig Images
  • Utilize social media to market your gigs.
  • Sell benefits, not services, as a concluding point.
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