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How to increase impressions from fiverr buyers and social media sharing


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Hi everyone!!

I need your tips to increase my impressions and to show my gig on the first pages... This is my gig if you can take a look and give some feedback please https://www.fiverr.com/karyface1/design-the-best-professional-signature-text-logo

I have 7k sales on that gig, is about graphic design and most of the buyers feedback is 5 stars, but sometimes I feel that as much as I share my gig on social media, the impressions do not increase. I have a theory that you the impressions count more when the clicks are from buyers that are already on fiverr than from people that click on a link you shared on social media.

i've tried doing fb campaigns and google but they show no result, on reddit if you share your link, most pages delete it.

So... how do you share your gigs? a way that really gives you reach, conversions and clicks

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On 1/25/2023 at 3:39 PM, theratypist said:

Do you mean Google ads? If you do, you aren't allowed to promote gigs through Google ads. 

I think people usually have their own websites or social media (business page) followings and I think those are the most effective places for gig promotion.

I honestly don't see any results from that

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