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Is anyone else experiencing a really slow January?



Hi everyone!

I offer proofreading and writing services, and I've been experiencing the slowest month I've ever known on Fiverr! Usually work is quite regular (I'm level 2 etc) and sometimes I need to set my profile to 'unavailable' because of the work load. However, this January I've hardly been messaged let alone received orders. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? 

I know these things fluctuate but this radio silence is unprecedented - I've made changes to my gigs and added more keywords, photos and videos just to make myself more visible, and now I'm even paying for promotion. 

If anyone else can relate, please let me know! Is it just a slow month or could there be another issue?


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8 hours ago, smart_grantz said:

It's been really a slow January! I provide writing services too and I've only had a few messages this month 

That is odd because I get requests every day for copywriting services, and I am not a copywriter. 🤔

6 hours ago, smartdezigns said:

No. For me, January 2023 is going well still! 

I am doing well this month too. 

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It feels a bit slow compared to November, but Dec and Jan did, but to be honest when I checked my earnings, my estimated income by the 31st will be average-ish compared to last year (more than the worst months last year, at least.) I do have a lot of clients who write and then take forever to reply back (if they ever do) though, which is a bit odd but I think it's just a slower/sleepier period of the year. 

I'll be finally recording some videos this month or next though so I'm curious to see how that might change things! 

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On 1/25/2023 at 12:18 AM, allymitchell893 said:

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

This is my best month since I started on Fiverr. I was worried because I took the first week off for vacation (went out of office), but I updated everything on my gigs and they have been doing very well, especially my writing gigs for resumes, copy editing, and eLearning content.

Last January, it was really slow for me (and I didn't update my gigs). I'm wondering if the updates made all the difference.

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