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Hi there!

Is it possible to replace any old gig by anothet new gig any time or any level?

Note: Both gig will be different category and subcategory.

For example data entry will be replaced by facebook marketing!

Please help to explain any seniors or experts!




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6 minutes ago, melanielm said:

You can create a new gig at any time when you have open gig slots. You cannot edit one gig to offer a new service and keep the reviews if that's what you're asking.

Thanks for your advice.

Basically my specific asking is that suppose any new seller already published 7 gigs.

But later on if he wants to delete one gig: For instance "data entry gig" and newly he wants to publish "facebook marketing gig".

Both gigs categories and subcategories are different. So is it possible? Please advise further.

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