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Gig sharing on social media



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This topic is definitely up for debate...

On one side, by effectively sharing your gigs on social media, you gain the potential of drawing in some new orders. However, it would be much less likely that your impressions would be from people who are ready to purchase your gig since they're probably not seeking that service on social media. This would require more than simply pasting your link, and saying, "Check out my gig!". To draw in potential customers, you'd want to optimize your post so your target audience could easily find it (e.g., Using applicable hashtags, Using attractive thumbnails/images, Writing effective copy, posting in the appropriate location at the right time)

On the other side of things, if you optimize your gig for Fiverr search, your customers will actively be seeking your service when it pops up in search results.

So, in short, you may gain some additional orders from posting on social media, but your time is likely best spent optimizing your gigs for Fiverr search if you want more orders.

I hope that helps!


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