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New Seller Account Inbox Time and Rate Are Off


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I just set up my Seller account a few days ago. Right after I set it up, the dashboard showed that my inbox response rate was 57% and my inbox time was 12 hours. No customers tried to contact me at that time because I had just setup the account. I started getting messages in my spam inbox and was immediately notified. Even after I immediately responded to these messages (which were actually spam), my profile shows that it takes me 3 days to respond which is not true. Again, I have immediately responded to spam inquiries and I'm regularly logged in to my account on my phone and computer and my notification is on. As a matter of fact, all the statistics are off as I haven't been hired by any buyers. Why are the dashboard and profile showing statistics that aren't true? I'm never going to gain buyers with this type of false information on my profile. 

fiverr dashboard.png

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Hi @norinejackson, buyers won't see your inbox response rate and the inbox response time isn't really off-putting if you are responding to them in a timely manner.

I visited your profile and it looks really good to me since you do have reviews (as a buyer). That gives you some credibility.

The inbox is really fickle; I tried to use the Out-of-Office feature because I was camping and my response rate dropped from 100% to 98% (even though I responded to every message). Then, when I got back it kept dropping until it hit 96% even though like you, I was responding to every message. It looks like I had to go to my spam box and view those messages in order for those messages not to count against me. I'm now at 97%, so it's slowly climbing up after two weeks. 

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21 minutes ago, norinejackson said:

it shows it takes me 3 days to respond.

I can also see this, but I don't think this is a major deterrent, since you can quickly resolve that issue by responding in a timely manner. Buyers can already see that if you are online or not.

I also don't think it's necessary to include the "I RESPOND WITHIN 2 HOURS!" statement in your headline. As you get more messages in your inbox, and regularly check your spam messages, your average response time should improve.


You could try to contact Customer Support, but usually they don't change these statistics. Normally they just advise you to be careful to check your spam messages in your spam box.

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52 minutes ago, norinejackson said:

As a matter of fact, all the statistics are off as I haven't been hired by any buyers

The inbox response time is the average time it takes you to respond to new messages (though I think one place says all inbox messages and another said just the first message from new buyers) in the last 60 days. It isn't just for people who have ordered from you.

You could check your notifications or emails from Fiverr since it might be that you published one of your gigs more than a few days ago (and if you did then that might be why you had some messages more than a few days ago).

Maybe you replied to old spam that you hadn't seen previously so that affected your avg response time.

In theory maybe it could be due to you being a buyer previously and you might have responded to your seller after a few days.

But if you think it's wrong (response time/response rate) you could contact customer support at the help desk for them to check it and fix it if it's wrong.

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