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Can I fix a low quality Gig, Due to Bad Internal Reviews?



Hello, I would like to know if a Fiverr Gig can be Recovered after Bad Internal Reviews? 
I have amazing Stats, Good Public Reviews, I used to get a lot of Impressions & Messages per day, Along with Orders.
Now, I have been informed my Gig has been hit with Bad Internal Comments, that is a reason for the Big Drop in Impressions.
No I only get about 100 Impressions per day, and I can not even find my gig anymore. It is rated as Low Quality

So my questions is, Can I somehow fix my Fiverr Gig or recover from this? Ive never had issues before




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Hello, sorry to hear that.

I can't speak as personal experience since I never faced this myself, but I wouldn't give up. Now I don't know how many clients weren't happy with your work but what I see is that you have almost 300 reviews with a 5 star rating, and your profile looks clean.

Don't give up about it, and for sure do not delete the gig. You'll probably get some more orders and if you get a good rating on them Fiverr will mostly probably start showing your gig again. As I said, it all depends on how many unsatisfied clients you had that might have left a bad review.

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