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Employers steal ideas from freelancers without paying them

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I work in the field of advertising production as a graphic designer.
Recently, a person came to me to reproduce a logo for his company.
The logo for the reproduction is made in an open contest on fiverr by a freelancer.

I asked the client where he got the image and he couldn't give me a coherent answer. In the end the logo was made by another person for a maximum of $10.
The logo is to be printed at my company. I can't stop this, considering that this time the client came with graphics for the print.

I am also a graphic designer and I would like to be a freelancer but I do not trust such services because of this: clients steal ideas without paying.

I hope that the freelancer sees this message and I hope she does the right thing, same message goes for fiverr staff.



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I'm not sure if I understand you right, please clarify for me:

A customer came to you because he wanted to print a logo onto something, you asked him where he got the logo/graphic from and he said he doesn't know. You researched and found that the logo was made by someone in an open contest on fiverr, but was sold again from another person who claimed it as made by them?

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