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My art gigs are not popular


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Hello. I am a digital artist. I registered on Fiverr in May 2020 and completed the order. After a while, I closed my gigs because I started working with a game development company. Now I have completed cooperation with the company and decided to return to the Fiverr. But for the past 3 months I have not received a single order.

Why are my gigs not popular?

I can professionally draw characters, animals, backgrounds, game props, gui, vfx, concept art. At the moment, not all of the listed services are presented on my page. I want to develop and offer quality and interesting gigs, but no one sees my services, so I'm very upset.

What should I do?

I will be glad if you support me: https://www.fiverr.com/ambercreator


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Hi @ambercreator, Welcome back to Fiverr!

3 hours ago, ambercreator said:

Why are my gigs not popular?

Since you were gone for so long, Fiverr hasn't been promoting your gigs to buyers looking for your services in search. The algorithm will give priority to sellers who are getting more orders, responding to inquiries faster, and keeping their customers happy.

The good news is, you can pick up where you left off. Some buyers may question why you haven't gotten a sale for 2 years, so don't let them think it's due to the quality of your services. Update your profile bio to let people know that you were gone but are now back in business.

Build your portfolio. Take every opportunity to show off your skills and quality of work. Add gig videos and take advantage of the 3 images and 2 PDFs that are in your gallery. When you have few orders, your portfolio will give you the credibility you need to get orders.

Refresh your gigs, revaluated your packages, and open the new gigs that you mentioned. New gigs can give you a boost in visibility and refreshing and optimizing your gigs can help you gain better visibility in search results. Pay attention to your impressions, clicks, and orders to see what is working and what is not.

It may take some time, but it can be done.

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4 minutes ago, ambercreator said:


Thanks for the recommendation. Is there a limit to the number of gigs I can post on my profile? Is there an order search function on Fiverr or does the buyer have to find me himself?

New sellers can post up to 7 gigs on their profile. Buyers will find you through Fiverr's search function, so make sure your title, tags, and gig descriptions are relevant to your services. Your seller performance and seller quality (appearance quality and delivery quality) are also factored in when determining how visible your gig is in search.

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