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Typing newlines in the Inbox



Hi everyone!

Whenever I am typing an answer to an inbox message, I am wondering how to advance to a new line, or in other words, how to introduce a new paragraph. Surprisingly, that works just fine in the message boxes on an order page. There, you just hit the ENTER key to get to a new paragraph. In the inbox that doesn't work. I have tried Ctrl-ENTER, Alt-ENTER, and the like -- nothing seems to work.

My usual workaround is to type the message in a text editor and then cut-and-paste it into the message field of the inbox. But that is a nuisance. Has anybody found a better way to enter multiple paragraphs of text in the inbox?

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6 hours ago, engshimul said:

you may Try Shift+Enter to create a new line.


Thank you very much for your input. Yes, that works as well.

I wasn't aware of the drop-down selection box next to the Send button because it is so unsuspicious. This is really nice to know and it tells us about the two special keys: Shift+ENTER always creates a new line and Ctrl+ENTER always sends the message.

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