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My gig are give me impression but not click & orders?


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On 1/19/2023 at 2:38 AM, zahidamin238 said:

Please any senior person provide me with information. What can I do?

I highly recommend that you update your gig thumbnail.

Do the following:

  • Edit your gig
  • Go to Gallery
  • Hover your cursor over Images
  • Click on "See the full Gig image guidelines"

The above should give you some ideas on what a good thumbnail should look like.

There are quite a few grammatical errors in the sentences that you posted on this forum page; I assume it's the same with your gig name and description.

If you'd like to have more people reach out to you, I highly recommend that you take some English classes or use a grammar correction website to help you write your sentences.

A good, free grammar correction website is quillbot.com

Remember, buyers generally don't trust someone who can't write grammatically correct sentences, it makes them feel like they can't communicate more complicated ideas with you. 

Good luck!

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Hi @zahidamin238, Welcome to the forum! 

Just as an FYI, most of the members of the forum are sellers and are not going to buy from you. You are also posting your gig links in the wrong categories - you may only share your gig links in "My Fiverr Gigs" and "Improve My Gig." If you post your gig links anywhere else, it's considered spam. 

Please read these articles to get the most out of your forum experiences:




I noticed that you are still waiting to get your first order. Some notes from me:

1. Your gig "I will make profetional pet portrait and watercoler portrait" has two misspellings: "profetional" should be "professional" and "watercoler" should be "watercolor." Misspellings in your title may cause you to have lower impressions, so please proofread and correct your title so that you can get better visibility in search.

2. Since your services are design-oriented, make sure your images look good on both the mobile and PC view. When I look at your gigs, many of them are cut off on the left side (I can't read the text on the slides). Fix the images so that all of the text is visible in both the mobile and desktop views.

3. You have gig videos on some of your gigs - get them on all of your gigs to increase user engagement with your gigs. According to Fiverr, videos lead to a 40% increase in user engagement.

4. I would also take advantage of your gallery for each gig - you can use the PDFs to display an unlimited amount of your work and portfolio. Your portfolio gives you credibility when you don't have reviews to back you up. As a new seller, I spent most of my time working on my portfolio to hone my skills and to give my buyers a good idea of what to expect when working with me. Buyers placed orders specifically because they saw my work samples and knew I could do the job.

5. The forum is a great place to learn how to grow your Fiverr business. Here are some resources to get you started:





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You are getting impressions but no clicks. This indicates that clients don't find your gig image attractive.

Use gig videos instead because they get up to 40% more engagement than gig images, according to Fiverr. Remember, you have to use high quality and attractive images to grab attention. Please look at other profiles of Top Rated sellers, you will get a good idea from them.



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On 1/19/2023 at 12:38 AM, zahidamin238 said:

Please any senior person provide me with information. What can I do?

Many people have many questions about getting impressions and not getting clicks.
That can cause your gig to lose clicks:

  • The thumbnail images of your gig are not correct.
  • The thumbnail image is overwritten. Because the less it is written in a thumbnail image, the more attractive the image will be.

By providing a short video, however, you can make your gig stand out in a good way.
Thank you

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