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My first level up on my way to authorship


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So as some of you may know I have been on here for about two months. Well when I started out it was kind of rocky. I missed my first gig and got a “seller failed to deliver on time” so I got an automatic 0% rating. Thankfully I had buyers still willing to give me a chance and with a lot of hard work I managed to increase my rating up to 90% and became a level 1 seller! Writing so much and reading so many stories by people and me writing stories I was able to help myself in new ideas and even with my own writing. I was able to type faster and more proficiently. I can now use gig extras for one of my reviews but hopefully a few more people will begin purchasing my short story gig and I can put some extras on there as well. For now I am just one step closer financially in hitting my goal in becoming an author one day.

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