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How many times need to get first job on fiverr?


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Hey can any one tell me, how me or anyone get his first job with little amount of time?

See my profile


If anything wrong in my profile then suggest me for further change.


Fiverr: Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5


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Just took a quick glance at a couple of your gigs and here is what I would recommend.

You have a few translations errors in your gig descriptions. I would have those looked at. People aren’t likely to be confident in hiring someone to write an article for them if the description of the gig itself needs work.

If you can, consider putting together a video to showcase your work. Gigs with videos are much more likely to succeed. People like to see samples of what a finished product would look like.

Also, be patient! It does take a while to start getting orders. When they start coming in, provide stellar customer service, and you’ll be just fine.

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Hi taposh123,

I agree with the other responses - fix your translation errors and I’m sure you’d have much more interest.

For example, your user description should read (something along the lines of):

"Hi, my name is Taposh Kapuria. I have 2+ year’s experience in content writing, WordPress , SEO and online marketing. I am also a tech blogger and a WordPress customizer - I love WordPress! I am able to complete your desired work within the deadline guaranteeing 100% satisfaction and at an affordable price."

You also have some translation errors in your gigs too which, I agree with reddhorrocks, will be putting potential buyers off.

If you need any help, let me know.


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You have to be active and make sure the service(s) you offer are needed. There will always be competition in the marketplace but what makes your service unique? I’m not on here much and originally started as a buyer. Now that I’m ready to actually provide services, it really is important to know what really attracts customers.

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