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Hi @soufianejanna, it's good to see you on the forum again!

I'd love to help you by giving you a bulleted hit list from your gigs, but I think you might benefit more by conducting a thorough review of your gigs yourself. You have access to data and insights that we on the forum can't see.

I really took @newsmike's suggestions in his post to heart and my business is better off because of it:


No matter how good your gigs are, they can always be better.

If your gigs look stale, refresh them.

Try to put yourself in your buyers' shoes - how can you connect better with them? How can you structure your gigs and services so that you are offering something that buyers not only want, but need?

Are you branding yourself? Is there a consistent look that is unique to you that will catch the eyes of buyers who use Fiverr's search?

Do you have an exceptional portfolio of your work? How can you show buyers how you are a solution to their problems? The faster buyers can visualize their project as complete, the faster they will place that order.

Pay attention to the data. What are your impressions, clicks, and orders telling you? What are buyers saying in your inbox? Gather the data and find the clues that tells you what you need to work on for your business. Then do it. Check the data again. Is it working?

Take a hard look at your packages. How are they structured? Is this the best you can offer to your clients? Is there a better way to structure and price your gigs? Look at everything. @newsmike even mentioned your delivery windows.

This is a continuous process - I'm already making changes based on what I'm finding is working and not working from my last update.

I hope this is helpful to you and I wish you the best of luck!

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