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Finally Level 2!


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That is amazing!!

Getting to Level 2 is not easy! It tells me you are doing something right!

So the next step is a Top Rated Seller! However, getting to level 1 and 2 is technical. You get to an earnings level, have no warnings etc., but TRS is different. Not only do you need to reach the milestones, but private feedback from your buyers and your professionalism is weighted heavily. I can’t stress to you enough to stay positive with every communication and no matter if it’s here in the forum, with a buyer or as a seller. TRS’s are hand picked by the Fiverr team. Even if you reach the milestones it does not mean you will be selected to have the badge.

Yes there are many benefits to becoming a Top Rated Seller. But it’s all about your behavior so please always choose the high road when dealing with difficult buyers or challenging situations. Walk away from your computer and come back with a fresh perspective, then respond. Just my thoughts. And congrats on your Level 2!! 

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