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I am not getting top rated badge, when you got it? Please read the request once if you're top rated.

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Hello top rated sellers, just need some help, my requirements for the top rated sellers have been completed since July 2021, but my level is not promoted yet still in January 2022! can you give me any tips how can i update my profile or something that will help me getting the level up? or how much time it took you to achieve your level badge? my ratings are complete 5 star since start, very good earning with 30 to 40 big orders per month since then.  every rating in dashboard is 100% instead of Order Completion rate, which is 96%, it's not 100% for last 3 to 4 months, it's sometime 97% and sometime 98% but minimum 96%! is that the issue in getting me the next level? please give me some brotherly suggestion, i will be grateful to you for that! thankyou in advance!

Screenshot 2023-01-15 161515.png

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hello, it took months for me as well, consider that there are many reaching those goals, but only the best of the best are chosen, I don't know exactly the stats for this, but probably a very small percentage. You have to focus and continue to bring quality and improve your stats.

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1 hour ago, abdullahgakhar said:

is that the issue in getting me the next level?


There are many other things, including the private and public reviews left by customers, also your prices and how many sales you generate. As others said, it might happen in a month, a year, a decade or never. I was TRS, I lost it due to health issues and canceling orders because of that, and I never got it back. So it's safe to say it can easily come and go. Focus on delivering the best service and eventually it will arrive. If not, then it is what it is.

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Based on your post, it appears that your Order Completion rate may be the issue. While a 96% rate is still quite high, in order to achieve top-rated status, it's important to maintain a consistent 100% rate. My suggestion would be to focus on ensuring timely and high-quality completion of all your orders in the future, and also take a look at your profile and make sure it's fully optimized and presents you in the best possible light. I think there is something small that is holding you back. Try to change some of the features in your profile.

Additionally, you could try to increase the volume of orders you take on, as a higher number of completed orders may increase your chances of being promoted. Remember that Fiverr's algorithm for promoting a seller is not public and it changes over time, so it's important to keep an eye on your performance and make adjustments as needed.

Wishing you all the best! :classic_cool:

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Do you know becoming a top rated seller even also consider your Country.
There are millions of seller who have completed there requirements for a TRS, but they are not. My requirements has been completed since last 3 years, but still I am a new seller(right now).

So, it depends your work, consistency, your niche, stats, communications, feedback, profile and working months/year.

I know my reason of not being a TRS, I have read many articles and forums about the TRS.
So here are some points I would like to consider:-
1) Do not take more than 2 brakes/year. Keep working consistently with a great customer service.
2) Keep maintaining your average order completions and price per month. They always consider how many orders you complete/month and how you keep going whole year.
3) If you have a niche where there are already too many TRS then your chance is very low to be TRS until you are not from USA, Germany or other Developed contry
4) Communication with clients and order completion brake down. Always be professional with client. Try to give them more than what they ask for. Fiverr consider these things when they are selecting for TRS.
5) Complete as many as order you can and keep getting good/great reviews. There are private feedback as well. You will never know, but Fiverr see everything.

I hope these information will help you.

People who are reading my opinion can give me more suggestions if I missed anything.

Thank you.


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