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I created an account 7 ago. And l created 3 gigs.when I will get the first order in your experience?


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Guest xavier_paesch

I'm still waiting on my first order and it's been about 4 months! Best thing I could advise is to be patient and not give up. Learn as much as you can and optimize your gig as much as possible.


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7 ago? Is it 7 days ago, or 7 weeks, 7 months, 7 years?

Some sellers get their first order on the first day, some wait for months, some never get it.

As a graphic designer, you're competing against hundreds of thousands of other graphic designers (there are 300,000+ gigs in the logo design subcategory alone). You need to figure out how to stand out among all of your competitors and how to convince buyers to choose you instead of hundreds of thousands of others.

And many of those others speak English better than you do, communicate better than you do, and have much more impressive samples to show.

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