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Anyone wanna rate my gigs/profile?

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Hi @xavier_paesch, Welcome to the forum!

I like how you have a branded look to all of your gig images, and the images include text that clearly describes your services as well as a picture of yourself. 

3 hours ago, xavier_paesch said:

I'm just wondering if anyone would be willing to give me feedback on my current gigs and profile.

Here's my two cents:

1. Bio - Change "welcome" to "Welcome"

2. Gig images - The gig image for the resume and cover letter gig is slightly cut off on the left side on Desktop mode (all images look fine on mobile view).

3. Prices - I think your prices for the cover letter and resume giga are too low. You can keep it where it is now, but have a plan in place to increase it as you get orders (such as increasing it every 10 reviews).

4. LInkedIn Optimizations - This is a trending gig. Just make sure that you do it right - it's against LInkedIn's User Agreement for third-party to log into clients' accounts to make changes. You'll have to provide a step-by-step report for your clients with rewrites and instructions for them to update their accounts on their own. If you make the changes for them, you risk getting your clients' LinkedIn account shut down.

5. Gallery - You get 3 images, 2 PDFs, and 1 gig video for each gig. Take advantage of all of them to show off your portfolio and skills. When you have no reviews, your portfolio is your business card to your buyers. My portfolio was the only reason buyers placed orders when I had few reviews. I would love to see samples of your work on your gigs!

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