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I have skills to work, but I still can't find a job

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Hey, you just started on fiverr this month, right? At least on your profile it says "Jan 2023".
All I can suggest is: give it some time! Your stats actually look quite good for such a short time being on the platform.

When I started on fiverr, I think it took months to get a first job. I started with very low prices but a high quality service to get my first reviews.. once you have some good ones, people will find you way quicker. 

I haven't checked every single gig of yours, but it looks good. Maybe you could add examples to the gig portfolio. You could e.g. upload a PDF where you explain how you do it or what the client gets. Especially for your ad gigs - you could upload screenshots of ads that performed well in the past. Or anything that shows more of the process (you're the expert, so you probably have better ideas than I do 🙂

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On 1/13/2023 at 10:29 AM, the_ecom_king said:

I have Skilled and I have published the gig

Well if you have skills to set up converting shopify stores and create ads and marketing campaigns for your clients then why don’t you do it for yourself to obtain clients? 

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