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One year without order ...


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Hey, I discovered this community a while ago, and was pleasantly surprised😳


Is there really a community where people share their experiences and expertise 🤔???


Well, I'll get to the topic. I've been on Fiverr for a whole year. My services have been posted, but to no avail. I left Fiverr for a month, then came back and saw that a client had requested my service. I answered, but I missed my chance because I was late for it.😬Screenshot_20230113_005435.thumb.jpg.448c7658f3d0273d752d40a869105225.jpg 

.. This is my story for a whole year, and I am here to sell my services, which I am working hard on, but to no avail, Sorry for the spelling errors.. Translated by Google, with my sincere regards

See that before leave ; ] and some little advice ❤️


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Hi @hamza2001s, Welcome to the forum!

I'm glad you found us! It's a lot easier to find the community now that Fiverr updated its dashboard.

26 minutes ago, hamza2001s said:

Is there really a community where people share their experiences and expertise 🤔???


I can see from your screenshots that you have some impressions, some clicks, and no orders. 

Impressions are related to how relevant you are in search when a buyer searches for your services. This includes your title, tags, gig description, seller performance, and seller quality. The better your gigs and services, the more visible you'll be in search. Priority will be given to the sellers who are responding quicker, delivering more orders, and keeping their customers happy.

Clicks are related to how attractive your gig  is. You are getting some clicks, which means buyers saw your gigs and were interested enough in clicking on it to see what you were all about. To improve clicks, improve your gig card - your gig images, add in gig videos, check your title, tags, and pricing.

What you really want, is to get orders from those clicks. That's where gig optimization comes in. Tailor your gig to your target customers so that they will want to order from you.

Here are some articles that may help you get started here on the forum and on Fiverr:


About the Forum




About how to get that first order:






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There is no penalty for not placing an order on Fiverr for a certain amount of time.

Your Fiverr account will remain active even if you don't use it for a year or more. However, it's always a good idea to keep your account up to date, such as updating your profile information, skills, and portfolio so that potential clients can see your latest work and skills. Additionally, regularly checking in on the platform can help you stay on top of new opportunities and maintain your reputation on the site.

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