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Receiving requests from fellow musicians, how to deal with them?


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This is not related to Fiverr, but something in general relating to my field, which is music and audio.

This can of course be useful also for other fields, anyway. But how to deal with requests from other fellow musicians, as example when they ask you suggestions and tips to improve their career?

I remember the first year of my career, I was exactly in the same situation but the opposite direction. It was I, requesting help. Yes, because initially we lack so many knowledge of the industry that it's obvious to ask help from the veteran professionals.

Today I receive many requests. I can't answer all of them, many are clearly spam, or "strange requests", it's easy to recognize them. But the requests coming from heart? those that are true? from really fellow musicians in need? I try to help the most I can, means giving the tips I can.

I mean, in our experience we created presets, know how and scripts that are very personal. I mean, our style or fingerprint or know how. We can't share this, but anything else like standard procedures, news, tips to improve. Yes, the most we can, I think we can and we must help the others.

So, what do you think of this topic?



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Guest kassey_art

I think if a person has something to share with the world, he will definitely pass on his knowledge when he is ready for it. It can be lectures, master classes, books, anything. In your case, it seems that you sincerely want to help many, I would give a link to some of your resources (if this information is free) where people can learn something from you. If your knowledge is paid for, you can warn the guys about it right away, those who need it, they will get it. Who wants freebies, they just do not want to develop 

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