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I do sale my Virtual Assistance service in Fiverr. I assist buyers who want to register business license in Dubai, take residency visa and relocate here. From outside of UAE, not possible to estimate your budget to get your project done. So, from my basic package i helps them to get the budget, require documents and all the related information to do business in Dubai. 

Recently i got couple of clients who hired me to get the information to relocate here. When the conversation starts, they are very active. once they order my gig, and get all require information they become silent. Even some of them come online but don't reply me. Last 4th January one buyer pings me from Australia to get his Real Estate business license. Before order my gig i already given him an approx. cost to get his project done. Then he places order for basic package. within 2 days i gathered all the information and share the best option and cost for him. From his response one thing is clear that he is not prepare to spend that amount. He needs more cheaper though i have given him cheapest option. After than he started playing hiding game with me. He is coming online but not responding me. 

Usually, i never deliver the gig order without buyers’ permission. Next three days i knocks him several times by asking that is there anything else or may i deliver the gig? he didn’t reply. For time zone different i waited for him till my local time 3-4 AM as I have seen him online the times. when my delivery time going to expire i just deliver it before 10 min ago. next day he replied me "sorry will need to cancel as what you quoted was DEARER than others." I was confused. What he want to cancel? my gig or the project he planned? Then why he mentioned said my quotation was DEARER than others? I replied sorry Sir i didn’t get you clearly. 

After than still i have sent him several massages but he not replying me. He is coming online but not yet reply me and even not accepting my gig delivery. Even i mentioned Sir i know you are too busy, so unable to reach you over fiverr. if you want share me any other contact details, so that i could communicate with you and able to know your decision. But he didn’t reply. 

As per the gig package my work was get cheapest quotations, inform him all the require documents, steps to proceeds and the duration of time. Then why he will cancel my gig or won’t accept my delivery? Well, if he confused than he should discuss with me. Discussion makes clear all the confusion and possible to find out a solution. But they always do this. Previous time i faced same issued with another 2 buyers. 

It’s really hard to make satisfy some buyers. We seller always have to make them satisfy to get good review. Personally, i don't like the fiverr review system. once a gig delivery is done, can’t see the buyer review till seller drop review for him. No option to reach to buyer without fiverr. If a buyer doesn’t response no way to make it solve. It’s getting really painful sometime. Fiverr don't have any policy to bind a buyer to reply to seller during gig is running. Sorry to say but its really a stupid system. Even you can't discuss with customer service instantly. No option to do chat with them. Only open ticket and wait next 1-2 days to get feedback. 


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