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Fiverr's ranking system in various cats/subcats


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So far I understood every single aspect related to Fiverr except one: the ranking system.

Let’s say I’m a buyer and I want to publish a guest post or advertorial on a blog.

I have two choices:

  1. To search what I want using the search box.
  2. To browse the available categories > subcategories.

    Ok. In the first case scenario I saw that the most relevant thing is the GIG’s title. That’s fine.

    But in the second case scenario, the only rational path I can follow is Online Marketing > Blog Mentions. Right?

    On the first line, there are 4 (four) featured GIGs which are totally non-relevant to what I am (or anyone else searching for anything that has to do with blog mentions) interested in.

    Ok, but let’s assume they’re there because they’re hand-picked, they’re awesome, they’re featured, they’re top rated sellers etc. We leave the user experience for now.

    Than, on the second line there’s absolutely no logic behind the ranking system.

    If I were to make an analysis these are the results:

  3. User X, JOINED 11 MONTHS AGO, 88 reviews (1 negative)
  4. User Y, JOINED OVER 1 YEAR AGO, 69 reviews (0 negative)
  5. User Z, JOINED 10 MONTHS AGO, TRS, 648 reviews (3 negatives)
  6. User W, JOINED ALMOST 2 YEARS AGO, 314 reviews (0 negative)
  7. User B, JOINED ALMOST 3 YEARS AGO, 388 reviews (1 negative)
  8. User C, JOINED 8 MONTHS AGO, 19 Reviews (0 negative)

    So, based on what are we ranked? It’s random to give everyone a chance? It has something to to with the number of active GIGs you have?

    I am asking this because as you can see, there isn’t a direct link between ranking and the number of positive review, or the positive/negative feedback ration/percentage, seniority.

    I’m just curious, that’s all.

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Guest celticmoon

Good question…and I don’t think anyone knows the answer! Your questions have been asked on the forums, and people have offered some ideas & good discussion, but as far as I can recall no one has figured out Fiverr’s sometimes bizarre search algorithms!

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Reply to @celticmoon: this is bizare. I do understand: everybody needs exposure but not everyone’s work quality is the same. I know what I’m offering, my account is in a very good standing, but somehow gigs offering the same thing, with far less positive feedbacks, rank higher than I do.

This is what I don’t get.

When I see people offering the same service like I do, 20 reviews. … rank higher than me. And I had so far like 1.7k orders completed.

Fiverr should disclose their algorithm in my opinion because it would create a more competitive marketplace, sellers will strive to deliver better quality etc.

Or, if there is no rule… that’s it than. 🙂

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Good point Robert.

We all need to know how that system works (if it actually works somehow)

Is annoying to see in front of category people who offer something worse then You and sometimes even more expensive. I can even find in front of me inactive gigs. Thats awful for a seller who try hard to offer his best.

All the Best.

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Reply to @dukanu:

I don’t think that anyone really checks out the quality of various GIGs.

We all know what we can really do for $4. Without extras or multiple orders many of us won’t have what to do for those 4 bucks. I mean, maybe, for some whose work is automated (senuke, copy/paste, software generated SEO reports) it does worth it.

But someone who is offering a really genuine, unique service like writing a quality article (and I’m not talking here about PRLs, spin and spuns + the additional trash), or a video testimonial … $4 is nothing.

If someone would do a research, I am sure there would be a psychological pattern applicable to our Buyers. People tend to pay for lies, fake stuff (Fb likes, G+es and you name it, worthless dupe content etc). But when it comes to something real, genuine, really awesome stuff some sellers offer (which obviously you can’t do in 20 minutes)… “Oh my, I paid $5… I want half of Moon and a bonus as well. Otherwise I’ll give you a negative feedback!!!”. 🙂

(By the way, I heard a funny story. 🙂 A seller delivered his gig, and received a 3 star feedback - “Awesome Work, 100% satisfied!”. The seller PMed the buyer ans asked him if his work was perfect, why the 3 stars? The shocking answer: “Well, the world is not perfect, honey! I never give 5 stars. And you’re harassing me!”)

I don’t know how low quality services can outrank the high quality ones. Google faced the same issue long, long time ago… that’s why they update their search algos so many times (basically, anyone who had a creditcardloannowcheap.com website had a potential to get in top of the search results).

Hopefully things will get better on Fiverr. 🙂

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I know that story too Robert 🙂

I hope someday, somehow Fiverr will fix that.

And buyers need to search enough till they get the most REAL service, and the highest quality gig. Or Fiverr need to make easier for buyers to get there. When someone search for some service, he find in top results people who offer not the best services and also not real service. That’s so sad. I know how much work for 1-2 minutes of video, sometimes even 1 day for 1:30 video. I just want to be unique, awesome. And I dont deliver it till I can say “damn, I love it !” But I can see gigs with same service as me who use templates, dont care about effects, maybe he can do 2-4 videos/day but the quality is so poor… and the prices are high. And they are in front of me in research.

Sad story for someone who what to do his best here on Fiverr.

All the Best.

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I hope someone will look into this issue. I have a gig that I work very hard at. It is 5 star rated and I have completed over 8,000 projects. It is ridiculous that I am ranked below newcomers whose rating is below mine. I do not get it. I know we have to be fair and give newbies exposure, but it is not fair for them to be ranked above a gig that is ranked 100% when theirs is at 98%.

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Yeah, in subcats there are like 12-13 new arrivals. They deserve a kick-start as well as we did once. However, If I’d be a buyer, I’d be a bit confused. Which ponder most?

The “Recommended” (By Fiverr GIGs) or the “High Rated”?

It’s just me, or…?

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