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Every single SCAM day


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Hello, I'm here today to report my experience of 1/2 and a half weeks on this platform, basically it's been very complicated since the only ones who are interested in services are scammers who always start a conversation the same way, something like:

We are hiring qualified data entry experts, typist, logo designers, graphic designers, flyer designers, etc. to help us finish some Remote jobs available, if you are interested to participate in our on going projects please contact us via email below (INSERT A E-MAIL HERE) All information about the Job will be communicated to you, for every possible updates and changes, and we await your response as fast as possible thank you, Best Regards."

And the first time I send him a message even though I knew what it was about and the Platform was already warning me of Spam, the person asks me for my name and country (Logically, I passed a false name), then my skills and how good I am 

 after that they sent me a pdf table with several types of services that I could join and earn at least 20$ for each stage of the completed service, but this is where the distrust begins, because in order for you to start working in these services listed by the person, you have to pay what they call (Security fee) with an undetermined amount, and of course I didn't accept it because I wasn't confident enough in the veracity of this and also several previous scam attempts had happened to me so I already had an idea what it was about

at the time I just gave a lame excuse and denounced it as spam, and since then no one has ever appeared in my inbox interested in my services but my money.


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20 minutes ago, catwriter said:

And so you have violated Fiverr's Terms of Service. Communication outside of Fiverr is strictly forbidden.

I just started and I was learning about it and I didn't know about this issue, even if I only sent it just to demonstrate and warn about such scammers, now I will have to accept the consequences

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