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Promoted Gigs not Qualified

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I am level 2 seller and my top Rated seller Requirement are already completed I'm waiting for top rated Batch.

Suddenly I got a notification that my gig's are unqualified for promoted. My all gig's become de rank. I completed all my work with 5 star even not any order cancel. My mostly gig's rank in 1st and 2nd page. 

Now what I need to do get eligible for promoted gigs. 

One more thing if promoted Gig feature gone gig's need to be same place. Only promoted feature needs to gone.

Mostly seller's are complaining same things 

Looking forward for Best options.

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Two days ago I received the same notification, I have the same problem as you.

According to CS, it is not due to something wrong with the account or with the GIG, it is simply a dynamic of the algorithm... maybe it is not a BUG but it is a way in which it affects the earnings of more experienced sellers...

Looking for my GIG I find it in the last results, along with others from other sellers with lots of positive reviews.

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