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Help me get my first order on Fiverr ( from Freelancer Essentials Course to Fiverr Tests)


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My name is Chrispine. I have been on Fiverr for about 4 months now without any success of getting orders.

I have been following Fiverr Community Forum which helped me improve my gigs. I even deleted my gigs several times to make some corrections on them.

I completed the Online Freelancer Essentials course from Learn From Fiverr

I have taken several tests such as  -Fiverr English Test

                                                        -Virtual Assistant

                                                        -English Language 

                                                        -Customer Assistant

Check my Gigs and help me get more orders from Fiverr.

Here are the links of my Gigs:





If someone has any doubts about me, here is my profile link:


I am always online.

Please show some love to the New Seller.







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3 minutes ago, chrispinemuindi said:

am always online so that I may be able to reach out to potential clients and also increase my response rate that was brought down as a result of failing to respond to scammers.

You don’t have to be online for that. You can simply download an app and get notifications whenever someone is writing to you. 

as for the gigs: you don’t need to delete them to add changes, that’s a silly thing to do. Just edit them. 

but even without looking at your gigs the one that might have some value is the 2d drawing in autocad . Everything else I call garbage gigs that don’t provide almost any value, don’t require any particular skills, are in super saturated area with thousands of people offering the same service and low demand from customers. 
Concentrate on your 2d drawing gig which also will be not an easy breezy walk to attract clients to as it’s highly technical and probably not that many people are looking for it. Try to narrow it for a specific niche, not just a broad drawing but specify the area like “housing, landscape, interior” whatever you work with. 

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Hey Chrispine,

I just had a look at your gigs and here are some things I would improve:

Your bio: I think your bio is written well, still I would rather write what advantage a potential buyer (in this case I as a reader).. has when working with you. E.g. you wrote "I have always been a quick learner, readily grasping things" ... what is it, that the reader can take from this? You could write that because you are a quick learner, you are able to work on projects in many different fields (or something more creative..), you get the point, right?

Also I would upload an example to your gig as image, not just the gig main image. 

And last but not least, I would give your package a proper title.. for example when I look at it, it says "$5" - but as I'm in europe, the price next to it is shown in Euro. Please see attached what it looks like for me. It's a bit confusing or like unnecessary repeated. 

I don't know why but for some reason, 9 revisions looks a bit confusing for me as well. It kinda gives me the impression that you maybe make a lot of mistakes instead of actually giving the buyer the opportunity to actually maybe change his mind and have an advantage because of it. I would suggest to use a lower number for revisions, especially because for this kind of gig, I would expect you to enter all the data correctly right away, do you know what I mean?

Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 15.48.40.png

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Also what exactly do I get as a buyer when I buy this gig? I can't really find what's exactly included in this package. Maybe you can explain a bit more whats part of the $5.

In your "I will do 2d mechanical and engineering drawing on autocad" description you write that things are dependent on the package the buyer will choose, but you only offer one package. That might be a bit confusing as well.

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