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Hmm. This is all I could find in the Fiverr Help Center.


So, you don't edit/enhance the photos after you take them? Or analyze, in the case of the roof inspection gig? Because that would/could be their own milestones. 

Do you schedule to take the photos while the owner/agency are on-site? Because, if so, the first milestone might be the 'showing up' stage, that would deliver a quick selfie with the building to-be photographed as your backdrop. Then the owner/agency would have to approve the first milestone before you begin. 

If the owner/agency are not on-site, though, then the risk of not being paid is just a part of doing business, no matter the industry, online or offline. 

In the case of Fiverr, specifically, there are a few reports here on the forums of people being reimbursed for being skunked, but ONLY if the gig is exceptionally clear, the order contract is airtight in wording about what IS and what is NOT included, and you deliver exactly what you promised with equivalent or better quality as what is in your gig samples.

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