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why i'm not getting any order


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i have also done so many google ads projects for clients from different different countries like USA, UAE, UK, Canada, with successfull campaign like Search Campaign, Performance Max Campaign, Display Campaign, Standard Shopping Campaign, Video Campaign, App Install Campaign.

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Your profile doesn't look like a profile of a trustworthy person.

You list English, German, French and Spanish as languages you speak, but not your own language. You claim to speak English at native/bilingual level, but your profile and gig descriptions are full of errors. On your gig images, you use random stock photos of people instead of your own photo. Your logo design gig doesn't have any samples, and the description is like "we're the best hire us". Your flyer design gig is actually for designing social media posts. Most of your gig descriptions boil down to "I'll never let you down hire me" and are poorly written.

Overall, your profile and gigs look as if you didn't put any effort into them (and like honesty and integrity don't mean much to you). And if you're not putting any effort in presenting yourself in the best light, buyers will think that you will put just as much effort (zero) when working for them, and will choose someone else. Pretty much anyone else, really.

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9 hours ago, catwriter said:

Your profile doesn't look like a profile of a trustworthy person.


  • German (Deutsch) - Conversational
  • French (Français) - Conversational
  • Spanish (Español) - Conversational



and your gig description is too short. NOTHING Professional for me.

THINK LIKE NEWBIE BUYER. That information need to know about your services.

GIG THUMBNAIL are bad. One is just duplicate from other GIG.

and you only have 1 GIG thumbnail, while we can have three.

As Buyer, i will assume that your are newbie seller. NOT Professional like your claim

You need to improve all your gig, from profile, gig descriptions, FAQS, thumbnail.


Learn from this link provided by Fiverr:



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I think it's great that you're looking for help here in the forum. 

I can agree to the last two posts, for me your profile doesn't reflect the skills you might have.

I would suggest doing this:

1) check grammar in description (e.g. instead of "i'm" - it's "I'm" and you use a lot of commas instead of period to end a sentence)
2) update the gig descriptions: only the first one is good I would say, the others is alway the same copy + paste text
3) logo design gig: especially here it's very important to have example work

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