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How I will get notification from my buyers?


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When you search any gig on Fiverr ,at first it only shows Gig Tittle , Gig Image, Rating & Reviews , Price , Seller  profile photoSo at the very first you must focus on those things very carefully .

  • Gig Tittle : make a Shortest SEO friendly Gig
  • Gig Image: make a eye-catchy Gig image , moreover don't use too much letter/word on it . Try to make it as simple as possible 
  • Price: Try to maintain an average price compare to your  competitor ,in some cases lower than your competitor 
  • Seller  profile photo:  Add a clear photo of you that clearly recognize your face . you can check on my profile
  • Rating & Reviews All above mentioned  things are absolutely fine but here is a catch ! if you are a new seller how can you get 5 star review! so for a beginner please make a gig video .  Come in-fornt of your camera ,make a gig video. People  buying from your are unknown to you ,they have their trust issue . It's very common . if you come on video it would be more convincing , isn't it? so for getting your first order it would be a very good initiative from my perspective.

All of the above things may increase your gig impression and also click . Best of luck 😃

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