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How can i getting my fast work ? please help me and telling details.


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46 minutes ago, mahindseo said:


How cam getting work in fiverr? 

Before 6 moth later i am joining in this platform . right now don't have any project  . which space i am making mistakes i don't know anyone help me please? 


Sir just joining a platform can't give you orders because there is so much competition here.

  1. So If you want to get order share your gig on your every social media platform including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or at any other platform where you can. This can bring orders for you.
  2. Secondly optimize your Gig. Write catchy description of your gig and choose the best related tags. and also choose the clear image that describes your service.
  3. Also download Fiverr app. So if any client message you. You can immediately reply it.


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