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Protecting your Work With watermarks


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Hey Guys Im new to Fiverr & I have a tip For you That will Protect you and your work from people trying to take your product for free. people “TRY” to do this to me all the time. When I make my product i create a display/sample file to send them. The file has my logos and fivers logos all placed accordingly to still be able to display and protect your work at the same time in a professional way.

I tell them. “you will receive you file afar you have completed your order” “this is a sample” " Are you happy with the product?"

This kink of business will only be good for everyone, it will make “free work” a thing in the past.

If you make Videos you can still do this with your video take a look at my youtube blog below and ill explain. 🙂



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Welcome Geryes! If you’re talking about the conversion rating, I think that’s just the percentage of people who buy your gig after they visit to your gig page. It doesn’t necessarily take into account how many cases you send to the resolution center or anything that has to do with messaging/communication between you and a buyer. At least that’s my understanding of it.

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