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Got an email from a user, but cannot view because of privacy settings?


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I got an email from a user "FRAGGLESROCK"

Subject: "Hello elouai, I found your Fiverr offer being very interesting, but before"

If I try clicking the email I get at the top of the browser "For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly."

Ok, but I cannot even see the email he sent to me.

I am not contacting him, he contacted me.

And it ends with a tease in the subject line 🙂

Yea I think you have a bug, sad thing is I cannot reply to the user at all.

In fact I cannot even see my Gig under my profile

When I check Sales -> My Gigs, its all green, my gig is active.

I wonder what I need to do to fix this.

Sheriff’s Calling out others us not allowed.

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Sometimes you cannot check such messages because buyer’s account has been reported for spam or for the use of prohibited words, so his account has been either temporary blocked/disabled or completely removed.

You’re not supposed to answer that buyer until his account is restored…

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