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My Visa card is not being processed - help!


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Please don’t post the same thing multiple times. Would you like it if someone kept tapping you on your shoulder to get your attention at the same time as they called you on the mobile and kicked at your ankles and talked at your face?

Have you done a forum search? This and similar questions have been discussed previously. It’s possible someone else had the same problem and shared how they worked it out.

If you continue to have problems using the card, and you’re sure there isn’t a problem with the card itself (are you able to use it elsewhere?), then file a report with customer support (<-this is a hyperlink to that area of the website. also link at top of this page and bottom of pages in the Fiverr site). Accepting credit (and presumably debit) cards is fairly new on Fiverr. Perhaps they’re still having glitches. Communicating with CS should help resolve the problem. Good luck~

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