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Fiverr will disable my account.


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please what i can do? i have written email but nothing , the same answer. There are posibility for take my account again?

The asnwer of fiverr is this:

Hi ,

Thank you for reaching out, we understand you received a message in your account about purchasing or selling with the intent to falsely increase ratings and/or levels.

This goes against our Community Standards and our Terms of Service.

We have checked your account again and, unfortunately, your account is not eligible to be restored.

Please note that this is a final decision and cannot be reversed.

At this time, you can complete any active orders and withdraw funds that have completed the standard clearance period.

If you require help with another issue, please reply to this ticket and we will gladly assist, or visit our Help Center

All the best,

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6 minutes ago, vickiespencer said:

Read this:


yes it is true. But i don't know why it happens to me. My account is regulas with my photo with my information, i am true seller and i have my work,my incomes, and Now ? 😞 Please what can i do? 

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18 hours ago, paolabacka said:

Fiverr will disable my account. What can i do , i have do not doing nothing. Please help me. 

Fiverr will not disable your account until you are using your account in wrong way as many people do they send spam messages and get blocked on fiverr

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