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Expand visibility of non-game-specific coaches

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I've encountered the following problem. I'm a mental coach with several years of experience working in the esports industry, so I advertise myself as a gaming coach under lifestyle section. The kind of coaching that I provide is applicable to any esports discipline (Valorant, League of Legends, CS:GO, Overwatch, etc) but when I create my gig, I'm forced to chose a specific game from a list, which limits my exposure drastically. For instance, if I advertise myself as a League of Legends coach, I will appear only to those players who either don't filter their search when looking for a coach (which is unusual) or if they filter their search for League of Legends coaches. If they, for instance, were looking for an Apex Legends or a DOTA coach, I will not show up in their search and I might be perfectly capable of providing what they need.

My suggestion: add a non-specific game option (all) under game coaching for those coaches who provide non-game-specific services (like myself).

Thank you and happy New Year 🙏😊

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