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Inability to do anything else after adding tags to work samples when creating gigs (the site freezes).

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I'm not sure if this is a me problem or a general problem but, I'm new on Fiverr so overall I only have a hand-full of active gigs, most of which were in the industrial & product design sub-category under graphics & design.

Recently, I decided to make a new gig still in graphics & design but under the logo design sub-category, in doing so I ran into a problem. Every time I get to the gallery section, upload sample images and insert tags, the site freezes. When I refresh the site, I loose all the tags I just input and have to redo it again, and again the same issues come up. I tried not using tags at all, but was met with a red "Add info about this sample to continue". I have also tried deleting the gig and starting from scratch(assuming maybe I was restricted from going further because of something I did earlier in the process), but I ran into the same issue. Keep in mind that this is also my first gig since the update where we were told to revise our old gigs, although none of the gigs made prior to the update were affected or had the option to include tags in image samples.

I'm wandering if maybe the bug is due to the update but am unsure because it's also my first time having the ability to add tags in general to image samples, so it might just exist in the logo design subcategory. This has gone on for more than a week and I would love for this to be fixed so I can start earning through the gig.




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