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How can I reach on top page as a professional proofreader and editor? Could any expert show some tips?


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if you're selling a gig that is focussed around error free, accurate writing then you may want to look at the spelling error in your gig image!!!!!

Also, 2000 for just five bucks?  If I looked at that, I wouldn't expect quality. 

Charge what you're worth, rather than charging for customers who will take you for a ride!  

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41 minutes ago, vickiespencer said:

I am a proofreader and copy editor. I, too, want to apply for an editing award. Where did you apply to get yours? 🤔

According to his profile, he has a Proofreading & Editing Award from The Daily Observer, 2021 (From Google: The Daily Observer is a daily newspaper in Bangladesh).

Anyway, he also states in his profile description that he's "... a writer of English Grammar, and with over 10 years of editing and writing experience (...) *****My Unique Quality: I am an ERROR POLICE, which makes me stand out, so let me improve your project!"

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How to get clicks and come on first/second pages for orders?

What about brief match?

I have not received any match opportunity yet after the new feature is initiated in place of buyer request. I have set my pricing in briefs, too. What can I do to get a match?

When there were buyer requests, I started my service with a US client, who hardly believed me as a writer of English grammar and I would be able to edit his book. After the delivery, he left me TIPS $65 apart from $100.

Everyday I visit my gigs' pages and see the ranks. So far as I have noticed, the sellers on the first and second pages have organic traffics and got immense orders on queue. My question is, how can a newbie, level one, and level two sellers get traffics?

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how can a newbie, level one, and level two sellers get traffics?

I was a newbie exactly one year ago (in January). The best way to get traffic to your gig is to become the seller that Fiverr wants to promote. Fiverr gives each seller a Match Score to determine how relevant they are when buyers search for their services. This Match Score is based on a number of factors, including the seller's performance and quality. Quality is based on "appearance quality" and "delivery quality." You can learn more about these factors here:


9 hours ago, mohsin222507 said:

How to get clicks and come on first/second pages for orders?

These are actually two things.

Clicks are related to how attractive your gig is. If your gig catches the eye of a buyer, that buyer will click on your gig to learn more. Things that affect clicks: your gig image, your gig video, your gig title, your minimum price, your seller level and reviews. As a new seller, you won't have a level and you might not have reviews. However, if your gig card is attractive, buyers will click on your gig to visit your gigs and profile.

Coming out on first/second pages are related to the impressions you are getting. Higher impressions means Fiverr sees your gigs as more relevant in search than your competition. This relevancy score is based on your title, tags, gig description, seller metrics, and seller quality (mentioned in the above link).

Don't forget to also focus on your conversion rate. Impressions and clicks mean nothing if you can't convert them into orders. When you have no reviews or orders, your gigs and portfolio will need to be strong so that buyers trust will trust you and place an order. If you can impress your buyers, they will place an order with you even if you don't have reviews or orders. You can do this by putting in a lot of thought into your gigs and business. These articles can help you:






10 hours ago, mohsin222507 said:

What about brief match?

No one is guaranteed matches with briefs. Instead, focus on the tips and articles that I provided above.

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There probably isn't a way we can give to guarantee that you'll be on the first page of search results, and if there was then everyone could use that method and there can only be a certain amount on the first page of results at a time.

Since you're a professional proofreader and editor you could make sure your profile & gigs are perfect.

eg. in your profile you say "Hello, This...". Why does "This" start with a capital letter?

In gig "I will professionally write home improvement or history articles" and gig "I will write informational articles on education and religion" you say "robust pregnancy of content". What does that mean? Are you sure that's correct?

Also in the home improvement gig maybe change the position of the quote in 'on the'' Home Improvement and History'''.

In a few gigs you say "Hi, Are you...". That could be improved grammatically.

In "I will deeply line edit, structure edit, and proofread your book" in the FAQ you say "to make sure grammatical mistakes are free,". Maybe reword that since it sounds like you're going to make sure they get grammatical mistakes free of charge.

In gig "I will write SEO gardening blogs, indoor plant care, and home decor" you could change "Yes, Of course.".

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Buyer Request for newbies ..

And Get Briefs for all others ...


Both for everyone....

Buyer Request:

For Sellers - The maximum number of proposals that can be send can be limited to 5 or 10...

For Buyers Too: They too can be given an option how many proposals they can receive in a day.. Whether its 5, 10, 20, 50

Guess, this could be a win-win for all..

People can get orders through Get Briefs..and simultaneously can also try sending in their proposals through buyer request (which is limited)

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On 2/2/2023 at 1:29 PM, catwriter said:

Buyers have two ways to place an order. One is to click on your gig and order directly, and the other one is to message you and wait for you to send them a custom offer.

It is an EXCELLENT answer. Thank you so much.

Lots of love for the answer.

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11 minutes ago, catwriter said:

Buyers have two ways to place an order. One is to click on your gig and order directly, and the other one is to message you and wait for you to send them a custom offer.

This ⬆️.

Also, clicks don't necessarily equal orders. If buyers click on your gig and you don't have orders, that means buyers visited your gigs and decided not to order from you (and instead went with another seller). So you need to improve your gigs and profile so that you can convince buyers that you are the seller that can solve their problems. Pay attention to your conversion rate and work on converting more of your clicks into orders.

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