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Gig Rank Issue


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On 1/2/2023 at 8:15 PM, ayatayatal said:

Yes, you can definitely change your thumbnail!

In general, a gig thumbnail should be attractive (something that gets buyers' attention quickly), professional and relevant to your service/product. 

I highly recommend that you do the following:

  • Edit your gig
  • Go to Gallery
  • Hover your cursor over Images
  • Click on "See the full Gig image guidelines"

The above should give you some ideas on what the thumbnail should look like.

I personally found my gig thumbnails on stock photo websites and make some adjustments myself through canva.com


  • Do not clickbait
  • Do not use thumbnails that are copyrighted

You can also check out some thumbnail services on Fiverr, they're affordable and reliable! (I'm not a thumbnail service provider and am not affiliated with any of them, I genuinely think that there are some good options out there!)

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Absolutely! As someone already gave a great response on how to do so, I'll leave a bit of different advice.

While you CAN change it, do you necessarily need to? A way to evaluate that is by looking at your Analytics for that particular gig.


Impressions are a good indicator of your gig settings like keywords, descriptions, etc and how those are working together to place you in the search algorithm.

Clicks tend to be a good indicator of the.. draw of your gig image itself. How much you stand out from the horde. 


What percentage of click-through-rate (CTR) is 'good' is going to depend on your category and/or for you to decide based on your short and long term goals. But, of course, in general--the higher the better. I'd personally say try to aim for a CTR that is better than 60+% of other sellers in your subcategory. Lower than that is a pretty solid indicator that maybe the gig image needs to be improved!

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You can decide to spend time in editing your gig tittle and and your gig image. Did you name your gig image with your service key word? If no. Go ahead and delete it. Go to your device, either PC of phone. Name the image and upload it back on fiverr

How many gig do you have in you account ?

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