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Promoted gigs active on my gig, but when searched with keywords, gig is only in last page



I'm a bit lost here. Can you help me?

Since Nov 15th, I got the option for promoted gigs for a certain gig and have been using that ever since then. Had great impressions, clicks, and orders. Also, when searched using the two main keywords of my gig, the gig appeared within 1st two rows of the first page when searched. 

Since Dec 30th, my gig has appeared on the last search page, when searched with the keywords. However, the funny part is that my gig is still active under the 'promoted gigs' tab, and they still charge me daily. I'm not getting new orders, and impressions/clicks have dropped.

I contacted them and raised a support thread. They are not replying me for three days straight. Please, can someone help me understand what's going on? It's fine by me that they need to rotate my gig and place it last, but still charging me the same under 'promoted gigs' is not ethical then, isn't it? Thanks in advance!

P.S.: I'm a level 2 seller with a 100% rating on everything - (response rate, order completion, on-time delivery). Also, I only have 5-star reviews, amounting to a total of around 50. 

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