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My briefs don't come.


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hey there, can you help me..??

I'm giving a new gig at Fever. My briefs don't come. If you select the online seller, the gig will come to the 1st page. I want to know how to give the price of the brief? My gig category is on web development. The basic price of which is 80$, how should I pay the price of Brief now? Does Brief have any relation to the price of the gig? What should I do to get my bf to come? I want the help of experts.


my gig link here: 1//  https://www.fiverr.com/mahmudhasan448/build-professional-wordpress-website-according-to-your-needs

2// https://www.fiverr.com/mahmudhasan448/design-or-redesign-wix-website-and-your-business-wix-website


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Hi @mahmudhasan448,

21 minutes ago, mahmudhasan448 said:

My briefs don't come.

Fiverr doesn't guarantee matches for every seller. Fiverr doesn't even guarantee matches for buyers posting the briefs (as can be seen on the Help Center and buyers posting on the forum).

Buyer briefs work very differently from from buyer requests in that each brief only gets matched with 1-2 sellers at a time (and sometimes there are no matches).

With buyer requests, each request could get 50 or more offers from buyers, so there's a huge difference between the two

28 minutes ago, mahmudhasan448 said:

What should I do to get my bf to come?

Other than turning on the "Get brief" option and experimenting with different minimum prices, there isn't much you can do to get briefs. 

Instead, focus on being the seller that Fiverr will promote - then you'll get seen and matched to buyers in search, Promoted gigs, briefs, and more. You may have seen the article below, but it contains valuable information on how you can get higher visibility in search:

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