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I was scammed but Fiverr helped me to get my money back


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This was a long story and I almost lost hope but because I was able to provide solid evidence and kept fighting my case I was able to get my money back.

I was paid to develop an app with many functionalities. I was forced to deliver 9 revisions even though I offered only 3 because Fiverr allows buyers to abuse that functionality. 
I sent video proof of every functionality in Fiverr chat. 7 of those revisions were not actually revisions but the client requesting for free work that was not included in my gig. (deploying and publishing the app).

A week after the order was auto-completed the client requested a refund and it was given, he said the app wasn't working without any proof. I was told they asked him for proof of his claims but a few days later Fiverr just sent me an email saying my order was cancelled with no explanation, the link for the explanation doesn't lead anywhere. 

The shameless buyer then used Fiverr and his same account to pay another developer to just change the icon you see in your phone screen and the icon you see when the app is loading. Why would you do that if the app is not working? Why wouldn't you ask him to fix the app? 

The buyer also uploaded my work to Github (on a public repository 😆) where you can see he didn't change any functionality and created a file with .keystore extension which you need to upload the app on the Android Store. Again, why would you do that if the app isn't working?

So I was able to present many pieces of verifiable evidence that lead to the same conclusion: 
The client claims were false, he is a scammer, he lied, he is using my work and my work was done correctly.

I just hope they ban this scammer because it's very likely that he will try again.

I think Fiverr should modify their policies, there are too many similar stories. It's not ok to take someone's money without even explaining why. It's not ok to cancel the withdraws of your hard earned money that has nothing to do with the order in dispute, specially after you already refunded the money from the order.

I'm very happy that in the end I was able to get my money back. I had to use this forum, customer service, social media, emailing and tweeting the CEO so it wasn't easy but in the end they did what was right.

Happy new year.

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4 hours ago, ptrgar said:

I was able to provide solid evidence and kept fighting my case I was able to get my money back.

Congratulations @ptrgar! I'm glad Customer Service was able to help you get paid for the work that you did! Your persistence paid off. 😊

Just a note: I've asked the m0ds to remove the references to the buyer's name and company because it's against forum rules to call out buyers and sellers by name on the forum.

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