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HELP: Am I being ripped off here?



So I've had 2 fiverr experiences in the past. One I got precisely nothing for my money and vowed never to use fiverr again. Against my better judgement, many moons later I did give it another go and had a great experience. Fast forward to 27th December and I thought I'd chance my arm again. I asked for, and paid for, a website to be built for my koi keeping activities. I asked for the ability to sell online courses from it, to sell merchandise, to have it themed like my youtuber channel banner and logo, have a section to embed my youtube videos etc. 

After more than 4 days of the 5 day gig I have this Dazzle Koi 

Basically a theme and my logo in the corner of one page. This was done on day one and nothing has happened since. I've tried talking to him but he just tells me everything will be fine.

Have I been stung again or do I need to be more patient?

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8 minutes ago, dazzlekoi said:

Have I been stung again or do I need to be more patient?

Is that the final delivery? Did you accept it? If you did, there's nothing else you can do except asking for a refund of your money.

Fiverr makes sure the seller sends what they promised, and that the buyer gets what they payed for. If those conditions aren't met, you can talk to Customer Support.

But I do recommend you to be more patient. The website is still in the making. 

Also, don't know how you got nothing for your money on your first experience... That's not how Fiverr works, and usually the buyer is favored so, maybe research a little more what options do you have in case the seller doesn't send you what you needed.

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