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Is ghostwriting gig selling?


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This account was recently created and I tried promoting it on social Media but I have not make a single sale.  The description was SEO friendly including the GIG title.

This is my GIG Description;

Welcome to my Ghostwriting Gig, I am an experienced eBook Writer that have vast experience in this field. I will write a captivating and clickbait eBook on any topic that attract and retain readers.

I am an expert in these series:

  • Yoga eBook
  • Crypto-Nft eBook
  • Christmas eBook
  • Self-help eBook
  • Christian eBook
  • Health and Fitness eBook
  • Medical eBook
  • Transportation eBook
  • And many more....

Other services I render:

  • 3D eBook Cover design
  • eBook Formatting
  • eBook editing
  • eBook Proofreading
  • eBook page Layout
  • Clickable table of content
  • Embed eBook image

What I need from you:

  1. Topic
  2. Outline
  3. Author
  4. Number of words or page if it exceeds that of my package

Why me:

Fast delivery
Plagiarism free
Effective communication
Outstanding result

I am eager to work with you. Kindly inbox me or place your order and I will deliver outstanding and clickbait content


This is my GIG image that i created using canvapro




Please What else should I do to make sales on Fiverr? Somebody Help!!!

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Basically, there are almost 20,000 sellers in the ghost writing category, and still 8,000 when you limit it to eBook writers. Your gig images and description are very generic. There's nothing to separate you from the pack to make people want to click on you instead of someone else. People generally don't believe someone is good at everything. Pick one of the Expert options you listed and make your gig entirely about that (call it out in the gig image). You'll show up in fewer searches, but people will be more confident in your ability to do that.

Like, when I do searches for artists, I don't look for artists who do anything. I look for specialists in things like landscapes or characters. If I was looking for an eBook writer, I probably wouldn't find you because I'd be looking for specific things like "supernatural" and you wouldn't show up in what I search for.

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Honestly, if you offer your services in English, I think you need a bit more practice. I had a quick look at your writing gigs and spotted several glaring errors and honestly, quite a few awkward phrases. 

Writing isn't just stuffing keywords into a word doc. While you don't have to be perfect (typos/etc. are normal and ideally, having a proofreader would help, your gigs have to show your best side. 


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Why did I open a can of worms?

Inboxed, how wonderful. 


Since you are an expert in this field, I want you to guide me through. How do you get your first client?


  1. I'm no expert, I simply took the time to read and use the search bar 
  2. I really like people with good manners, it's just kinda nice you know?

That provoked a reply like:


by not being sh*t at what you're supposed to be good at

Seriously, freelancing is empowerment and I don't think you're out of diapers yet in terms of growing a business mindset.

6 minutes ago, web_sale said:

where I can get an engaging gig description

A master of their art would not need to ask. 

Someone with half an idea about their customer's needs wouldn't either. 

Nor would someone who did market research before setting up as a freelancer. 


I am new to this service on fiverr and I have been taught how to deliver it. But I want to take you as my mentor since you have more experience in this field.

I've not even published a gig here yet, the only difference between you and I is that I took the time and effort find out how this place works before opening a gig here. I've been watching people sink and some float, and learning why whilst getting on with life.

I don't ask questions like "How do you get your first client?" instead I look at the type of gigs and profiles of people asking that question, read replies, work out who is a fool and who is wise, then study the posts; gigs and business practices of those here who sell, I also watch my vertical and know what the competition is like so when I jump in I'm actually competing, not publishing a gig that's going to sink. 

Someone taught you how to deliver, why did they not teach you everything else you need to know?

You have to be better than claiming to be a writer that then hits the reader with a grammatical punch in the face.

Why does my gut think a VPN is hiding your real location? 

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