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Order delivered on time, but now late due to buyer not responding


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I delivered an order 3 days before the delivery date.  At this point in time, Fiverr is giving buyers 8 days to respond.  So, yesterday, my order is still sitting there, but now showing up late.  Not because of me.. but because the buyer never responded.  This morning, he got back with me and asked for a revision, which is fine, but is this "late" thing going to go against my Fiverr account?  Should I ask the buyer for an extension, even though it was originally delivered on time?  I wish Fiverr could do this another way, so that if the buyer doesn't respond, at least the clock has stopped ticking on the order.

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Like @uk1000said, you're fine as long as you delivered the order on time! However, something I still find weird is that when a buyer asks for a revision, the original clock keeps ticking. So if a buyer asks for a revision and doesn't provide feedback right away, your order will go over the original deadline which results in the 'late' statement combined with a red clock (I hate the sight of this 😭).

So although the order says it's late, it's not and you're fine if you delivered it on time originally! There's no need to ask for a time extension when an order is in revision. 

9 minutes ago, uk1000 said:

Unless they've changed how the system works recently

However Fiverr does change things from time to time indeed, but I doubt this policy is changed too since it wouldn't be fair at all towards Sellers. Yet I'm afraid it wouldn't stop Fiverr though 😅

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5 minutes ago, lisadianern1 said:

Thank you.. when I see 0 time left in RED it gives  me a panic attack.

Don't worry, its not like any game show timer where if you don't do in time, you would be out of tournament😅.

Even it won't have any effect, if you extend time (and also buyer accepts it) before hitting delivering.

Means when delivered and timer was ticking, will have NO performance drop.

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