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Why Fiverr considered my hand drawing from scratch gig Image as "Not original" work? My previous account got disabled. Can someone please tell why?



Recently I uploaded my drawings on fiverr gig to display my best work. 

I had actually referred to some ideas on the internet. But I drew all my sketches in my notebook at my home spending hours on the same. As an example I am attaching my drawing and one reference that I drew from.


My drawing -



The drawing I referred to -



I have made several of such drawings, i.e., sketching the images that I find to be amazing... 

So, My drawing is entirely made by me from a blank paper but my idea is not original, is that my gig was removed and account disabled?


Not meaning to offend anyone just really want to know.. please help T_T



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Fiverr's system does a check of existing images on the internet somehow (maybe they use an API for it) so if your gig image looks too similar to an existing one they could deny it. So 1) it would be best not to upload something that you've uploaded on the web previously because of that 2) it would be best not to make too close a copy of someone else's work. Their system might have found that other work and thought your image was very close to it and flagged it because of that.

If your work was already on the web then you could contact support with the source files (eg. .psd) - for proof that it was your work.

So while it might be okay to take different works for inspiration, don't create something that's almost exactly the same as someone else's copyrighted work for copyright reasons + to stop things like this happening.

But it's probably worth contact support at support@fiverr.com and explaining to them about it and asking them for the reason (if you didn't get a message saying the reason - you could check your emails to see) and see if you can get your account back (you can attach the source files to your message to Fiverr support). I still see your account on the main Fiverr site so your account may not be totally disabled (if an account is disabled it usually doesn't show the account at all).

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