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Withdrawal buttons are grayed out. HELP! I need the money.


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The problem seems to start when tried to withdraw money to my now limited PayPal account. For context, PayPal has just returned to Thailand and they required Thai users to provide information to migrate their accounts to PayPal Thailand before Nov 30. Obviously I didn't do this in time, so now my old PayPal is limited. I can only withdraw money and can no longer send or receive. I've created a new PayPal Thailand account and been trying to redirect payment to that one instead. But now my payment is stuck in a limbo. I withdrew 102.40 USD at first and the Fiverr balance didn't get down to zero like usual. I thought that was strange and didn't think much of it until I saw this email from PayPal asking me provide info in my old account, which I couldn't since it got limited. I believe the payment is still with Fiverr since it the Balance didn't go down to 0 the last time I withdrew and now **** I can't even withdraw the new 78.88 USD that got added to the 102.40 USD !!! ***** This seems to be an error in the website.
Please help. I really need this money!

PS. I already contacted support but I thought I might as well post here in case anyone can help me.

image.png.047202b8a924fb29698bd1fb0564cb9e.pngImage preview

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